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What can social media marketing do for you?

What do you want it to do?

Social media has the power to change the world.  

Most people get their news from social media.  They also use it to communicate with family and friends. 

It is pervasive in a way that no other advertising medium has ever been.

So, what do you want social media to do?  

  • Build your brand?
  • Bring awareness to your brand?
  • Reach out to potential customers?
  • Drive traffic to your website?
  • Increase your community engagement?

Outstanding social media accounts can help you build your brand, find new customers, and get people to visit your website.   

Are your goals realistic?

Because we have seen social media drive recent social changes, some people assume social media is magical.

The likelihood of a social media campaign going viral is very slim.  (And, even if it does, that is not necessarily great for your business). 

Instead, your social media campaign will target your existing customers and an identified group of likely customers. 

You should expect it to increase your exposure and increase sales.

Why You May Not Want Viral Social Media

We get many new clients asking us to make them go viral.

First, there is no formula to create viral marketing.

  • Less than 1% of the material on the internet will go viral.
  • Several factors impact what the internet will find fascinating at any point in time.

Second, going viral does not necessarily translate into sales.

  • If you incorporate PPC in your social media campaigns, getting non-customers to visit your website can be very expensive.
  • You can run a wildly popular marketing campaign that ends up losing you money.
  • Increased traffic can also crash your servers and take down your website.

What You Should Want from a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Your Social Media Goals Depend on Where You Are in Your Business.

Are you selling the same goods, products, or services as your competition? 

  • You want your social media to attract customers from your competitors.
  • You need landing pages with a high conversion rate.

Are you introducing a new product or service?

  • You want to build your brand.
  • People need to find out information about your product.
  • It may not initially translate into sales.

Let Us Tailor a Social Media Marketing Campaign for You

Your company is unique.  Your marketing campaign should be unique, as well.  Contact us today

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      Reach Potential Customers

      Build Your Brand

      Every word you choose impacts how your customers view your company. Build your brand across the internet and social media.

      Find Your Audience

      Who needs your products and services? We help you identify them. Then, we help you target a campaign that reaches them.

      Generate Online Sales

      Clicks are meaningless without conversions. You want to do more than increase traffic; you want to increase sales.

      Other Ways We Help You

      Content marketing is about more than advertising and SEO. It is about establishing your presence across the internet.  We use social media to help get you in front of your audience and follow it up with targeted content marketing. Your advertising dollars are spent in front of people who have already shown an interest in your product.

      Content Marketing

      We use content your audience will find interesting, relevant, entertaining, or helpful to put you in front of potential clients.

      PPC Management

      We make the most of your pay-per-click advertising campaigns by focusing on conversion rates and managing your advertising budget.

      Search Engine Optimization

      We help you achieve naturally higher organic rankings by using SEO in a way that resonates with customers and avoids keyword stuffing.